Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Release Day

 Here it is. The Silverdale, WA Barnes and Noble didn't know quite what had hit it. My mom, my husband and my entire critique group (they drove an hour to get to us!) descended in search of Enemy Games. We found eight copies in the romance section. I asked (and received) permission to take a photo or two. So Darcy redecorated the shelves - all with Enemy Games. Just for this shot. Really. We put it all back!

Then off to Red Robin for a bite of lunch - one last hurrah before DH and I sail north tomorrow morning with the tide. From the left - Marcella, Tina, Darcy and Lisa. These ladies worked hard helping keep me on track. Not pictured in the group, Melinda and DeeAnna - move away will you? :D They worked hard keeping me on task, too and we missed not having them with us.

From Florida, Lizz and Goat the Foldie model a copy of Enemy Games.

Brenda sent photos of her copy, downloaded to her Nook Color.

It's been a great release day. Thank you to everyone who has Tweeted, sent Facebook messages, emailed, texted or otherwise called. On to book three! Working title: Enemy Storm.


  1. Love it!!! Can't wait till my copies arrive. One for me and one for Mom!!! Smooth sailing Marcella!

  2. Whoop! Whoopeeeeee!

    B R A V A ! ! !

  3. Did I mention I already have mine? :D

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