Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Book Sighting

Enemy Games is out in stores on May 3rd. One of the perks of having written the book is that I get a box of books a week or so before the actual release date. This is so I can read through the book before it releases and obsess over all of the typos, repeated words and other assorted mistakes we either failed to catch or that otherwise slipped through the cracks in the final editting phases. Yes. That sound you hear is me, pounding my head against the desk. The errors so far are relatively minor, but I am SO annoyed I missed them. I guess it's true. You can only read through a manuscript so many times before you simply stop seeing what's actually on the page. Arg.

On another note, though, I love this cover. I'd spent some time on the internet surfing for images of abandoned, run down industrial-looking sites. There are some amazing photographs of that sort of thing out there in the world. I forwarded a few to Berkley's art department. They were photos that I thought captured the feel, if not the exact impression, of the space station in the story. The cover artist really did a nice job of capturing that run-down, held together with bailing twine and a prayer look I'd wanted to convey - even if there really aren't windows in space.

I picked up the box of books from the post office, opened it, admired the book, then ran for the car. It wasn't until much later that evening that DH and I really took a good look. Did you catch it? The print beneath my name on the front cover? I hadn't. When I did, I had to do a double take. Here it is, blown up.

Yes. That says 'National Bestselling Author of Enemy Within'. I stared at it for a full minute, at least, because this was news to me. The first book had hit a list? When? Where? Still uncertain, I emailed my agent. She called the editor and then rang me. Apparently, at some point unknown to me, Enemy Within DID hit a best seller list with one of the national bookstore chains. (We're trying to find out which one - more for curiosity's sake than anything else.) It's funny. It feels a little like cheating, when most of us think of the New York Times list or the USA Today list, but since neither of those lists is an actual report of books selling the most copies, maybe the bookstore list, which is a direct reflection of sales, is equally valid. Either way. I'm tickled. And heck. Maybe it's a start?


  1. Hi Marcella :)
    Yay for hitting a bestseller list!
    & Double-Yay for Enemy Games out soon!
    Hope you have a wonderful time sailing.
    All the best,

  2. Hey, a bestseller is a bestseller. Why quibble about the details? Congratulations! :)

  3. You *should* be tickled! Hell, *I'm* tickled!!!

  4. Congrats and good luck in finding out what list it was!

  5. Congrats! Hope you plan to celebrate!

  6. Congratulations! I saw your book in a list when I was shopping for nook books. Maybe that was the one?

    I just wanted to say that I haven't been as pleasantly surprised by a book in a long time. You are an incredible writer. I loved everything about your book and look forward to your next.

    Please keep up the good work!

  7. Ah, the scent of new boooooook. The pretty of new book cover.

    Three cheers for hitting a Best Seller list!

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