Monday, June 6, 2011

Reid Harbor, Stuart Island

Reid Harbor from shore, looking out of the harbor. That's the park pumpout dock there in the foreground.

The dinghy dock from shore. This shoreline is steep, very much like the shore you see on the opposite side. It was quite a hike getting to the county road that would take us out to the lighthouse.

Look at the color of that water. It was gorgeous.

A family on the island runs a trading company. They have two 'out' stations on the island like this. Both provide water for hiking tourists. This one is right beside the island school house - lovely construct. Couldn't get photos, though. School was in session and we didn't want to distract the students. The trading post offers tee shirts, hats, sweatshirts and children's items. Payment is on the honor system. Take your item and mail payment in the envelope they've enclosed.

Haro Straight and the end of our hike. We found this overlook, sat down, had lunch and kept our eyes out for orca feeding in the straight. That is Canada off in the distance. Beautiful stretch of water. Beautiful day. No whales.
Reverse hike. We're at the lowest point of our hike back. We still have to scale the steep granite ledge on the left hand side of the photo in order to get back to our boat. Didn't bother counting calories this day.

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