Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wait, Don't Leave

An interesting thing happens when you make a major life decision like 'hey, DH resigned and we're going sailing for five months!' Everyone around you congratulates you, says how great it all sounds, and mentions envy at some point. Then they start coming up with ways to make it so that you aren't really gone.

No lie. Friends immediately say 'you'll be blogging about the trip, right? You'll be on email and text and phone? So we know where you are?' Of course. Though I think we all know who the 'we' in the blogging question is here, right? My World of Warcraft buddies say 'will you have internet? Will you still be in game?' Sorry. No. The cable won't reach all the way into Canada or Alaska. And since Clearwire is now the subject of a class action lawsuit brought by customers complaining about lack of bandwidth on the service - our initial internet plan is ruined. No WoW for us. The withdrawals are going to be murder. I get the shakes just thinking about not being able to blow up bad guys for 166 whole days. Then, just last week, my dear sister called me. "Will you be in my wedding?" Of course I will! When? "Some time this summer." I bounce my forehead against my desk. "We can video conference you in," she says. Actually, I don't think we can, but that's another technology issue. Now, granted. I've known that she had a wedding in the offing. And to be fair, I knew that this summer was under discussion. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that my sister might want me in her wedding. I'm apparently a thoughtless goof.

Beyond that, the questions of what we'll do when we get back have already begun. What will we do? Where will we go? And we haven't even cast off yet. I suppose it's human nature to want to know whether your friends will come back to civilization and take up the mantle of responsibility again - or whether they're going to descend into some itinerant beach bumdom from whence they'll never return. The answer to that question is currently up in the air. Some friends are okay with that. Some aren't. If you're one of the friends not okay with a shrug as an answer, we're telling you that DH will likely contract when we get back. Take it for what it's worth and be aware that the story may change come October.


  1. Heh - I'm one of the not-concerned types. But then, I know you can't live without me. :D

  2. We'll miss you being around, but have amazing fun!!