Friday, January 14, 2011

The Internet is Full of Ax Murderers

This is fantasy and science fiction author Noel-Anne Brennan. We're friends, even though we've not yet actually met in person - have I mentioned that I love the internet? She's coached me through all of the rejections and writing frustrations the calling is heir to. Because she's been so generous in sharing advice and experience, she was one of the first people I called when my first book sold. Into the bargain, she's a cat person, and she makes and sells her own jewelry.  (  So how cool is it that in the midst of some of the worst snow of the winter, Noel-Anne found my book in a local bookstore and took the time to grab a cellphone photo?? Find Noel-Anne's books here:

This is my dear friend Louie. At the risk of exposing myself and Louie as terminal geeks, we're gaming guildies. Currently, it's World of Warcraft, but our association as slayers of evil, online bad guys goes all the way back to Ascheron's Call. I refuse to post any info about that game which might expose the year it was released. I can say I had the great pleasure of meeting Louie in real life (irl for my fellow gamers) when he flew out to visit the Seattle area. Now my fellow guildies and I are lobbying for him to visit again, but this time with his lovely wife and daughter. We're hoping to entice them into moving to this side of the country. We're selfish that way. He wore my book tee shirt to work under his police uniform. Can you blame any of us who know and love our epic hunter, Zar, for attempting to lure him and his family closer?

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